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Relationship Counselor

Specialization in counseling/mentoring for post-relationship situations for women

Every being that exists have needs, be it a place to sleep, food or something else that is a fundamental need to that species. But what is common, yet often overlooked, is the need for comfort, with yourself, your surroundings and with others, to be acknowledged, to be heard, to feel that other beings see you.  A quote, that I personally feel, explains what our communication in today’s world with others is:

"There are people that call you when they have time, and people that take time to call you."


In today’s society, the individual may often feel overlooked. Every day is stressful and we each have a lot to look at, be it work or personal life, maybe other responsibilities, something within the community you’re a part of. Feeling overlooked or a bit lost in it all, has become an almost natural thing, which more often than not leads to a feeling of not fitting in, feeling lonely, feeling as being useless or not comfortable in one way or another. It is no wonder then, that this kind of circumstances create problems in marriage or relationship, and if both partners do not have a will to make an effort and put some work in to changing things, the relationship/marriage slowly ends.

Pain that you are feeling after breakup is usually very intense. Why is that so? When you go through a breakup, the Insular cortex and Anterior cingulate cortex of your brain (which are among others, responsible for handling physical pain and bodily distress) are activated.These regions also light up when you have a toothache for example. To put it simply, breakups hurt the way they do because your brain processes them just like injuries to your body. The difference is that with heartbreak, the pain can last and last.

My job is to listen to you in open conversation, where any and every word about your feelings will be heard, without judgement or being looked down upon. I am here for you, to help you and make you see that things aren’t as bad as they may look, and if they are, to find a way to change it. Change is scary, but necessary from time to time. Life is full of "Leap of Faiths", and taking one, however small it may seem, takes a lot of courage which we will find within you. In the beginning of our journey to your well-being I will be a pillar on which you can rely and draw strength from, for as long as you need, and then, when you feel ready, we will step by step work on you being your own pillar.



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Snezana is a life saver, quite literally. After my relationship ended, I was deeply depressed and at the brink of suicide before I met her. She helped me to find my way back to the life that I used to love and enjoy. I am forever grateful to this amazing woman.


I couldn’t make my significant other to talk to me after a big mistake I’d made. He just erased me from his life and didn’t want to give me a chance to explain. Snezana miraculously made that happen, she even arranged a meeting for it, where she went with me to keep my anxiety under control. My partner and I, got back together after that meeting. If there is something to be saved in a relationship, she will help you save it!


Snezana is a deep empath who will put all of her focus on you. When I first spoke with her I had a feeling like I’d known her for a very long time. There is that warmth and compassion from her side that we all need in time of personal despair.